completely transfixed by Ditte's Dolls & Flora series, well all of her work actually. i get lost in the layers of rich, textural storytelling and the weight of things.

{a tug at the heartstrings and a feast for the eyes}

{Ditte Isager}

jammin to these beats today while i crunch the numbers.





magical moodboard monday. 

quinoa and beets for lunch.

singing with seu, digging this dude's blog

and my latest foot fetish.

Loeffler Randall for Suno Spring // Summer 2011

so it goes.





i was lucky enough to see this on the london stage in my 20s, on a date with a boy. it was valentine's day. i was preoccupied with the idea of romantic love at the time and i must say not much has changed. it did not occur to me until years later that this was an odd choice of a play, given the date and all.

but then again not so odd, given the boy.





this is one of my favorite outtakes from last summer's floral archive. it was a day a lot like today. foggy, damp and grey, minus the hailstorm and even a good twenty degrees warmer. i watched the sky as it made the river dance and noticed the flush in my cheeks as i caught my reflection on the mirror's edge. now, i'm home alone after a long day on my feet flowering and nursing my allergy to wheatgrass {who knew?}. a hot bath, a healthy bowl of pasta and some serious couch time before i begin again tomorrow. let's hope the weather gods are in a better mood.

goodnight, sleep tight to you and to a grand dame.

// xx

{big girls need big diamonds} ~ liz taylor



if i had my wish this afternoon i'd flee to the flea.

in paris of course 

Life isn't all fricasseed frogs and eel pie. // Puddleglum in The Silver Chair - C.S. Lewis

// xx



{Future's the only flower worth tending in this earth / where i sow my words daily: and you know / these good trees bear fruit round the year, discreetly / moving along the waterways / and four seasons of the faithful sun}  Alamgir Hashmi



{What you hold in your hands right now, beneath these words, is consecrated air and time and sunlight and, first of all, a place barbara kingsolver

//  xx



{1. my irish grandma // 2. type A adam larson}

{For the good are always the merry, / Save by an evil chance,/ And the merry love the fiddle,/ And the merry love to dance: / And when the folk there spy me,/ They will all come up to me, / With,”Here is the fiddler of Dooney!” / And dance like a wave of the sea} - w.b. yeats

// xx



i fell hard for this rustic setting. freshly cut hydrangeas, tinted glass, vintage teacups and the flood of midday light. incredibly romantic, don't you think? maybe this couple will be gazing into each others eyes, listening to neil diamond and still be holding hands at eighty.

i'd like to think so.

i'm still adjusting to the shift in time. and you? with all that is going on in the world, i hope you are finding your balance as well.

// xx

{the sun rises in the east, 
a crimson ball the night is going 
and the moonlight pales 
the lamps turn dim 
and the stars fade out 
as though the bright radiance of wisdom's rays 
dispels the pleasures that the senses tire, 
and the light of hope chases away 
the murky darkness of despair and doubt} - sant surdas



thinking of you today  

yoshitomo nara

{wink away your tears // 2005}

please donate to japan relief efforts here or here.

// xx



that is the sentiment that beckons with daylight savings. the clocks may have moved ahead but things feel unusually still today. my heart especially. 

{What is the feeling when you're driving away from people, and they recede on the plain 

till you see their specks dispersing? it's the too huge world vaulting us, and it's goodbye. 

But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies}  Jean Louis 'Jack' Kerouac

// xx



this is the next movie on my list and as the BF deems it, the ultimate chick flick. i was truly mesmerized perusing the film stills from this latest production. not since jane campion's bright star has there been a period piece worth drooling over. which brings me to Mr. Rochester {Michael Fassbender} who would make any girl swoon. especially this one. it's jane who isn't easily fooled. 

this is not your conventional love story. it's about the
relationship between a woman and her own voice, perspective
and desires.

{images via flicksandbits}

if she lived today she would most certainly hold her own as a modern day woman. this imaginative tale of woe is timeless and i think dudes out there would revel in a dose of miss eyre.

in other words, it's not just for chicks.

enjoy your weekend lovelies.

// xx



it felt like a good day to let loose. flowering is the ideal prescription for a day of blustery winds and grey skies. a playdate with the likes of garden roses, ranunculus, hellebores, and a hint of quince has turned this otherwise blah and blue day into a fistful of fancy. {of course i had a bit of help}

{jan van huysum c.1719}

someday i'll make my way to the dulwich gallery where this beauty currently resides.

hope i've managed to brighten your day a bit.

// xx



sandra juto

is it safe to say winter has lost it's edge?

sandra juto

i'm betting heavily on spring.

i dare you to call my bluff.



{a bit of bug powder dust on the headphones}



RBG celebrated his 84th birthday on March 4th. it was a sunny day. there was a fancy lunch. a lovely view. bourbon and devil's food cake. love and laughter. a warm celebration of life and it's many blessings.

There comes a holy and transparent time when every touch of beauty opens the heart to tears. 
This is the time the Beloved of heaven is brought tenderly on earth. 
This is the time of the opening of the Rose. ~ Rumi

/ /   xx



as if i don't have enough to focus my energies on these days i've taken up knitting. last year it was embroidery; this year knitting. let me be clear i've never been the crafty sort in life or with needles and thread. i've always loved wool but the pricey cashmere kind that you don't find in a thrift store. so this bit of self-discovery peaked sometime last year when i finally realized i needed to work with my hands in a different way than i'd been used to. i do most of my work in the evening which i've found to be a wonderful way to unravel from my busy days spent at the flower market, or at the studio working on design projects and typing furiously on my laptop. like now. i am at the beginning of something new. i am taking it slow and i'm trying not to worry about a missed stitch or an extra here and there. it's ok to make mistakes. it's just another opportunity to learn about ourselves.

one day i try to imagine making something as beautiful as louise.

Untitled (2008)
Fabric and fabric collage.

Ode à la Bievre (2007)
Deluxe cloth book with 25 fabric panels, embroidery and appliqués.

1.2. © louise bourgeois

{Bourgeois called sewing her way “to keep things together and make things whole”. She wasn’t the only one who found the act of performing a craft incompatible with worry and anger. Mind/Body scientists like Herbert Benson at Harvard and Robert Reiner at NYU argue that insistent, seemingly monotonous activities like knitting and embroidery may evoke a physical and mental calm that interrupts stale thinking, reduces depression and boosts health over time. So! Find a craft you love- the more rhythmic and repetitive, the better} ~  naomi zeichner via the fader

/ /




is now dancing with the stars 

ms. russell {1921 ~  2011}

{like a rare flower, a summer breeze she had the kinda somethin' that could bring you to your knees} ~ dakota moon

//   //   //

editing photos in the studio and trying to catch a second wind amidst a stack of proposals and unreturned emails. the day is long and the evening even longer. night. i'll meet you again when the morning comes.

//  xx