it's another april showers kind of day here on the east coast. i had a dermatologist appointment this morning and i always find the strip search incredibly humiliating. i'm now patiently uploading a zillion photos from le camera, in full-on editing mode and fingers crossed that my laptop doesn't explode in the process. i am a bundle of emotions today and definitely have some newsy news both good and great but i'll have to put off sharing until another day. i do want to tell you about the amazing basquiat documentary on PBS from this past weekend. just brilliant! he listened to a lot of thelonious monk and charlie parker when he painted, as well as ravel. i've opted for the latter on my itunes today, wondering if it's remotely possible to channel some of his genius into my own work.

a random photo of chloe sevigny

and my latest food blog obsession. holy canneloni this lady is da shizzle.

oh and if you want to see some floral work, i've posted some grainy iphone ones here.





CIRCA 1977

stevie was all 'i wanted to be' back then. the voice, the hair and the clothes. holy cow, the shoes! her signature bohemian style i wanted to make my own and her songs i could sing for hours at a time. in the bedroom. in the shower. at the beach. those were some good years. the growing years.

thank god for Rumours.

{stevie nicks} 

i'm easing back into the blogging bit. i've had a few topsy turvy weeks on the homefront but i've powered through and i'm in full flowering mode. a busy spring and summer awaits, fall too, but much too early to go there. also, some of you folks have been clamoring for more floral pics. well, be careful what you ask for. i will be posting some of my latest subjects, for your viewing pleasure, so stay tuned.

if you didn't have a chance to see the lovely CocoRosie mention in the New York Times, you can find it here. i am so grateful to have been included among some amazing brooklyn floral ladies, especially the lovely emily thompson.

i hope the sun is shining wherever you are today.