spring showers bring may flowers.

so what do may flowers bring? 

// xx

{i posted these on my flickr page back in april and although the photo quality is poor i really fell in love with these arrangements} besides i've been seriously lacking in posting my floral creations and catching a lot of shit for it too. so for all of you who were wondering? among other things, i do do flowers}



it's another rainy, damp and dewy afternoon in may. the kind of day where the front door sticks to the frame cause it's been painted like a zillion times and the humidity is thick as a brick. i have a serious leak in my wellies as i learned when i tried to navigate a rather murky puddle in the concrete jungle. {right foot in case you were wondering}. only the opera or ballet can summon me to the upper west side. today it was a matinee with mom. something we do twice a year and these afternoons are always a delight.

did i mention i'm moving? like in less than two weeks. the bf and i have hired movers to take our belongings a mere half a block away. most of this is due to heavy vintage furniture and the bf's extensive kicks collection, although he'd probrably argue my wardrobe could use a bit of editing.

foremost on my mind, apart from the stress, is our new bedroom. the new space will have higher ceilings and the rooms are a bit wider. we could go from a queen to a king! i've been sourcing bed frames and bookmarked half a dozen that i can't afford. i've also been somewhat ambivalent about moving out of my exposed brick with fireplace, water closet with skylight and all around charming and cozy east facing lair. but for many reasons this move is necessary and the bf keeps assuring me our new place will be just as cool once we add our personal touch. now for the fun part...


//  xx



for much of the past few weeks it's the flowers and late afternoon walks that have kept me from losing my mind during more than one anxiety induced meltdown. when things happen they seem to happen all at once. {i'll spare you the blow by blow} the air is filled with more than it's share of pollen this spring and as i sit along the flower beds in my downtown urban sprawl i ponder the fast moving current that has been underfoot and kept me off balance since middle march. the only thing firmly planted at the moment is the delightful cherry out my window that waited so patiently to blossom. so as i harness the energy to take on spring then summer weddings, grow my business, move to a new home and ever so delicately balance a bevy of projects at my doorstep i remember that winter tends to lull us into a bit of a coma and when we awake to a new spring a delayed response to all the budding change is not all that unnatural.

moss - lichens - ferns - epiphytes


tillandsia - fasciculata

so swimming upstream against the current isn't always such a good idea. the more you fight it the more it will sweep you away. sometimes you just have to let it take you freely to new and unfamiliar shores. i will keep this in mind as i'm mired in buckets, boxes, books and tchotchkes that i've collected over time and prepare to unload them as well as my anxiety and continue to gather dirt under my nails and find solace in the seeds of change all in the name of love and marriage.

amaranthus gangeticus

a soulful tune for you. my heart melts every time.

enjoy what's left of this beautiful day.

// xx