i'm holed up in my cozy lair at work on the blog redesign and some intense photo editing. in the process of pulling my hair out as i try to make sense of the overwhelming visual content amassed in the past year and finding a way to pull it all together in a cohesive, appealing and lovely way -- i unearthed this arrangement {one of my favs}. It sat at the center of our thanksgiving table back in november. what more can one ask for but family, food and some beautiful flowers ?

{well a goddamn programmer for one!}

but as i reflect on that day, there was plenty.

and it was enough.

{when we moved into our new apartment last june we asked the former tenant to leave the chalkboard painted wall in our dining room. we also left her drawing of the horse with the star above it's head. our good luck charm and i just didn't have the heart to erase it. }

{the amazing amaryllis took 3 days to pop open but were so worth it. try to remember this if you are planning to use them for ' a day of ' event.} 



Clare Day Flowers said...

good gracious this is STUNNING

suzanne said...

thank you ! it helps to have amazing material to work with : ) ~xx