f l o w e r i n g  s h r u b    { w a l k e r  e v a n s }

it was exactly a year ago that we were knee deep in boxes. moving from the 3rd floor to the parlor level, just a half a block away. the heat was brutal and the last days of sloppy sweat in the brick faced living room were tense. i'm a capricorn you see. we don't do change well. as much as i embraced a new beginning, i was a mixed bag of emotions. i think this had less to do with the actual move than it had to do with the tide of change happening around me. {love is patient} my brother was married the day i moved. eloping in the valley of Taos with his now lovely wife. he was on his way east after many years on the west coast. he would return home married and much different from when he left. the boy and i were also taking a step forward into a new abode. we were finally rid of a looney tunes landlord and for weeks whenever he entered into our new space he remarked "this place is awesome." 
a year of adjustment followed for all of us.
in that year i hung curtains and debated whether to slap a coat of color on the whiter than white walls. i continued to grow my business. i hosted my family for thanksgiving and took a bath in my new tub, something i couldn't do in my old place. in mid december our puppy arrived {love is found} and chaos ensued and then normal returned. a new normal.
as i reflect back on the past twelve months and some of those crazy hazy days, i am reminded how full my life is {love is present}. the cycle begins again. it is hot. {love is constant}


You don’t love because: you love despite; not for the virtues, but despite the faults. ~william faulkner


Denise Fasanello said...

That photo is divine. There is a flowering azalea just like it in central park right outside the zoo - you must see. breathtaking.
change is good

/////////// said...

thanks for the blog love lovely. you may be my biggest fan, well, besides my mom. xx