this post comes to you a lot later than planned. in fact it was originally entitled Blue Moon and Summer's Last Dance, but so much time has passed. in any event i'll tell it to you anyway, the way i intended before autumn took hold and i lost my blog swagger. at the time i was writing this, the kale was simmering in the yellow pot and i was seasoning the basa in the pyrex. a leftover bottle of bordeaux from sunday's meatballs and gravy kept me company as did the pup. sundays are for football now and i usually spend them by the stove with silas while the BF visits his pops. i've started really cooking again. there was not much time for it in summer. i've realized i feel most at home in the kitchen and i've discovered wherever i am creating i feel most at ease. 

there is a chill in the air and i've been swaddled in scarves for days. anyone that knows me well knows i have a penchant for scarves, two at a time preferably. i love the crisp mornings when the pup's ears are cool and soft to the touch and when i smother him with kisses and he snuggles up to me for extra warmth. it is october, {the month of his birth, one year ago}, and this makes me happy.

on the flip side, not so sad to see summer go really. it was a lot of working weekends and not a whole lot of sun bathing and frolicking in the ocean. while it was a fruitful and productive few months and i was lucky enough to be surrounded by miles of nature's bounty. and though truly thankful for the work and all a bit wiser about this whole flowering bit, i have a feeling, next year, i'll be doing things differently.

i've learned a few things...

I like gin. i'm really proficient when it comes to reading maps. my bird's nest of hair needs more attention and a mane of gray roots begs to be dyed a lot more often. I am slower. {at thinking. walking. reading. cooking... at almost everything it seems}. i'd like to believe this has nothing to do with brain function and everything to do with choice. recognition and choice. these are two things i'll be talking about more.

i like that they call me Miss Coco in the market these days and i am wild about virgin's bower

i spend more time with my pup than i do with anyone else {and that's fine by me}. 

i missed the sound of the school run in the morning. so did silas. he loves kids and so do i. it's our morning ritual to greet the little ones and mr. handsome is quite the show stopper.

every girl should have a mountain man in her life, or at least know one, or the dream of one. check this dude out. i've been following his blog for a while now and i am hell bent on making his nettle pesto. 

i live in a nice house on a lovely block in a beautiful neighborhood. i just need a change of scenery once in awhile. plainly put, i need a serious vacation and i miss travel. i'd like to live on a farm again. only this time for a bit longer than 3 months. i'd like to go to Iceland* but not before i go here and here {more on this at a later date}. 

i need to start knitting again and applying red lipstick and comb my hair every night before bed. i'd like to fit into a certain pair of corduroy jeans with a particular waist size by my next birthday and a bit of a heel would be nice once in a while. or even a fancy party to wear it to would be nicer.

my last big wedding was in Rhinebeck and we worked some flower magic. i'm waiting for the gorgeous picks. you can check out some of the instagram snaps here. as many of you can atest, i fail miserably on posting enough proper ones here.

a warm congratulations to all the newlyweds CocoRosie has fashioned with fresh blossoms and unwieldly branches and huge props to my rotating A team that made and continues to make all things possible. i wish you love.

not sure what the last of this year will bring but i hope the sun shines more than not and the shorter the days when darkness sets in early, allow for quieter cozier evenings. and please i know it's early yet but please winter go easy on us. this is always a tough season to muddle through.

well i think i've packed enough into one post. i apologize for running on longer than usual. i had it in me. thank you for also being patient while i continue to ponder what i want this blog to be. it's more than just flowers for me and that's ok. for now it is what it is.

i'll leave you with two thoughts for the week, gratitude and kindness. i plan on practicing both.

have a lovely.

// xx

“...it is necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness, to put a hand on its brow of the flower and retell it in words and in touch it is lovely until it flowers again from within, of self-blessing...”

{all images ~ Kiki Smith}


Sarah Ryhanen said...

i love your writing sooz.

kat flower said...

this is exactly why i love your blog. and you.

Denise Fasanello said...

Kiki Kiki Kiki!! Beautiful post xo