say • o • na • ra november.

what a volatile month. the tragic aftermath of sandy. its innocent victims. ravaged landscape. a city in darkness. no gas.

the election !!!

the crazy work schedule. the puppy puncture wounds. the animal hospital. and the bill. my left foot.* the mysterious disappearance of my contact list {again}. email and server issues. challenges big and small and some pretty insignificant.

explanation : apparently mercury was in retrograde for those of you who did not know. 

although i'm not buying it. maybe it was a wake up call to sit up and slow down. to be more aware. to re-examine. to take action! who knows what the universe is up to at any given time and what it has in store but we are truly vulnerable to the unpredictable force of nature. respect yourself, respect your neighbor, respect the fallen tree in your front yard. respect LIFE.

november did end on a positive note. there was thanksgiving, with my family, who i was blessed to have with me. they are the only constant presence in my life and for that i'm eternally grateful. i was particularly moved by the fragility of this precious perch we find ourselves, as we raised a glass to all those who are less fortunate. all those suffering. all those gone. i was blessed with another year surrounded by those i love. what more can one ask for.

there was also good news on the flower front. CocoRosie was featured on Style Me Pretty and Unusually Fine last month. a nice way to top off the year. thank you to all who continue to support me in my wild and at times crazy pursuits.

here's to a dazzling december !

/ / xx

Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ~ ancient indian proverb

all pre and post sandy photos of Prospect Park // Brooklyn Waterfront // I heart New York were taken with the iphone 645 pro app.

as for my left foot, it's been giving me trouble. with all the physical work this business demands
i'm not surprised the body is feeling a bit worse for wear by this time of year. so looking forward to putting my feet up for just a spell.  

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