They say that the human smile is in fact one of those primordial things — that in fact it's a showing of teeth, 
that it's a warning. That when we smile, in a primeval way it has to do with fear. // read more




fooled ya.

and it's not even april.

but it IS Spring.


now you didn't think i was really going to discuss the {aforementioned} post title. some subjects are just off limits, besides i wouldn't want to bore you with the rather grim realities of either.

however, there is a new splash page {place holder if you will} for the website whilst {under construction}. the redesign is going well and i'm excited but the process is much slower than i'd hoped {so many layers}. i'm a bit of a perfectionist but if i don't pull the trigger soon it may be another six months before it sees the light of day.

i'll keep you posted and i may be dating myself here but what the flock.


1. Anne-François-Louis Janmot, Fleur des Champs  ~1845


BONSAI {in rare form}

ok, so nasty cold aside. it's 68 on a monday in march. not too shabby folks. i'm chasing the ol' clock today and we've lost that precious hour but spring has graciously shown face early, so no complaints here from the sunny side of south brooklyn.

check out these masterpiece's by the artist Takanori Aiba.

aMAZEing whimsical magical magnificence of nature.



DEFYING GRAVITY {and noted exhibitions*}

happy friday y'all~

what i've learned this week...

consults can been fairly exhilirating and rigorous at the same time. i realize i am at my best when i'm flowering and as spring approaches {three weeks and counting folks} i'm preparing myself for the onslaught of work ; ) well let's just say i'll be grateful for the steady stream.

i'm not a big fan of the post nasal drip cold/cough stuffy nose, headache thingy. i usually blame most everything on the BF {i joke}, but i'll have to give the award to Silas for this one. i firmly believe you can pick up more than just poop at the dog park. so i power on through a drowsy benadryl haze.

family is everything. the good, the bad and the ugly. however, the good trumps all. without them i would be nothing. more on this and an amazing birthday milestone in my next post.

i've traded in my hunters {one can only bear wet socks for so long} for le chameau, on a whim, {and no, i assure you, i'm neither a royal or a diva}. this may seem trivial but for a gal that treds in her share of dirt, water and other alien crap this is the best bang for the buck and will weather me through the elements. also, have i mentioned they are so fucking comfortable.

puppies as cute as they are, eventually develop hot dog breath. these are the hard facts folks. yet another reminder that youth is fleeting, old age is just around the bend.

i'm sharing more f~art with you today because this is critical to who i am and the lens in which i live my life. it stimulates my senses, fosters my creativity and influences much of what i do with the flowers and all facets of my design aesthetic. more of this stunning portfolio here. her work blows me away.

enjoy the beauty of the day and the weekend that's unfolding.


“Butterflies and zebras And moonbeams and fairy tales That's all she ever thinks about Riding with the wind.” ~ j. hendrix


if you're out and about in  NYC this weekend check out the Fountain Art Fair . 
Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art will be exhibiting some of the BF's work.

also, more artists, galleries, collectors, critics and curators here.