aka {Erigeron karvinskianus}

spring is whizzing by. may day is upon us and summer will be here before you know it. lots of good things planned and i'm just happy to be surrounded by all the bountiful blooms this season has to offer.

this means early mornings and late nights. and by the looks of things on the road more than last year. this also means carbs and caffeine cravings. my diet always goes to shit when i'm in the thick of it. i've been known to hunt down a greasy cheeseburger and fries after a 72 hour flower binge.

i'm still picking up weeks old cherry blossoms and crab apple hiding around every corner, at the very least, the leftovers that Silas hasn't already inhaled. my four legged vacuum. our rabbit sometimes boxing kangaroo {depending on the angle} turned six months on friday the 13th. he is growing like a weed and he's as sweet as it gets. giving him a home might be the best decision i've made in a very long time.

i hope he feels the love. we certainly do.

check out a bit of CocoRosie newsy news of late ~

h e r e

Enchanted Woodland // CocoRosie on The Knot Live -- FF >>| 17:22 to see the pretty !

a n d  h e r e

Dr. Oz // Garden of Angels Gala at The Waldorf Astoria




it was a productive and collaborative week of flowering. my body feels like it was hit by a cyclone, but in a really good way. working out the kinks of the winter months, boning up on some flower knowledge, and strengthening my core. 

tis the season !

sometimes i feel like i'm just chasing tail but i just received some really good news this morning. the kind that will keep me smiling wide for awhile. sometimes there is such a thing as good timing. happy day, weekend, easter, passover...


Nobody can hurt me without my permission.  ~Mahatma Gandhi