so i've been away from this blogging bit for a while. two months have passed since i last posted. i'd like to say the time flew by but the days moved steadily, slothing forward. winter's last blast was especially tough this year. i was going to casually skip over the winter doll drums and move right into spring and all its glory but then i would be denying a whole well of emotions that rose and fell during this time. every year, the post holiday sludge through april seems to create a gulf greater than the last. i can attempt to ascribe this particularly hollow period to aging or a joint sensitivity to cold or perhaps it has something to do with the off season of a working florist.

the truth is for as long as i can remember i was always prone to melancholy particularly around this time of year.

i can't say that i haven't been busy though. i've done a great amount of reading and writing, journal entries mostly and taking notes. i am taking a course in buddhist philosophy and contemplative psychology much to the amusement of a childhood friend who knows me well and is always protesting 'doth thinks you think too much'. interestingly enough the experience has been a game changer for me.

more on that later.

i've done a great deal of meditation, yoga and walking, spending time with my beloved four legged companion. he kept me going on some dark days. i made time for some close friends and tended to family as always but for the most part i enjoyed the solitude of my own home. i finally took up knitting again and maybe i'll finish that scarf by this time next year. cooked delicious meals and enjoyed a mega marathon of homeland and yes, GIRLS on cable. i'm a fan of both. TV can be cathartic. all in all i had some creative success' and was surpisingly productive despite the low season. and herein lies the paradox.

a few positive takeaways. i learned to live with less. a lot less. to be more resourceful. to seek out the company of those that lift my spirits. to be more present and mindful. to persevere when faced with a mountain of worry. to give generously of myself and lastly, i'm fairly certain another winter without a vacation will prove fatal.

all of this makes spring worth its weight in gold. it makes the promise of the sunny and warm days ahead feel like magic. it's the opportunity to shed the litany of layers and make peace with the past. suddenly the days get longer and lighter and life looks a bit kinder.

so thanks for indulging me and all the inner reflection this time out. more on Cocorosie and what's on the horizon. there will be flowers food, film and fashion and my usual waxing poetic. i want to address my increasing ambivalence on the social media front and of course brain mapping.

til then.


peace  xx

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Sarah Ryhanen said...

you are such a good writer.

Sarah Ryhanen said...

you are such a good writer.